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In over 30 years in the sports business industry as: Director of the Sports for the 1982 World's Fair, VP of Sports at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, VP of Worldwide Sports Marketing at Gatorade and CEO of Oakley, I counted on Scott's expertise and knowledge numerous times and on many occasions. Without question, Scott Zagarino was absolutely one of the best I've ever worked with in the business of sports marketing. He can develop strategies, a plan and execute them to perfection.
Bill Schmidt
Pegasus Sports Marketing
Scott has always worked to provide services and outcomes that have real meaning. He's organized, committed to details and results. But most importantly cares about his work, his clients and the effect his efforts have in the world. A great asset for anyone considering partnering with his expertise.
Mark Allen
6x Ironman World Champion
Scott has a vision and determination to persist as an advocate in the face of daunting odds. He is driven to produce measurable impact by opening up new pathways for athletes, causes, and allies, unlocking society's full potential to effect social change. Scott's commitment to the cause, his undying enthusiasm for the cause, his ability to build high-profile events that are profitable, and his ability to ring new audiences and diverse age groups to the cause have made him a phenomenal asset to PCF.
Jonathon Simons
CEO-Prostate Cancer Foundation
Scott has a vision and determination to persist as an advocate in the face of daunting odds. I worked with Scott during the years he coordinated on-site Gatorade activities during Gatorade's tenure as sponsor of the Ironman World Championship Triathlon in Kona. Scott is a high-energy, can-do professional who always got the job done, regardless of the unforeseen impediments that invariably arose. Simply put, we counted on Scott to get the job done and he always delivered.
Dr. Bob Murray
Gatorade Sports Science Institute
Scott is extremely talented in helping athletes and athletic performance to support great causes. He is an energized, thoughtful get-it-done leader who can do more with less capital investment than almost anyone. He delivers cutting edge knowledge of athletes, events, the web, software, and free media to provide products that allow active people to support causes. Scott is the best definition of a socially responsible entrepreneur, and his focus is laser sharp.
Stephen Wilson
Solar Power for Puerto Rico
I have know Scott for 30 plus years and he has always been straight forward and brutally honest. His frankness, yet willingness to listen has always been one of his consistent business and personal attributes. We can butt heads but there is always a resolution. He knows how to compromise yet always maintains his integrity and standards.
Dave Scott
6x Ironman World Champion

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We've been pioneers in digital communication and marketing for the last 30 years. We've created more than $10 million in event sponsorships, established unique relationships between athletes and sponsors, and raised $12 million for charity through social media and web applications.
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Event Communications
If you are a race director or event producer you have multiple audiences that each require unique communications. Whether it’s utilizing social media to connect with potential entrants, or creating and delivering proposals to sponsors, we’ve done it all. The key is consistent content, engaging images, and a dependable schedule. We’ve been creating plans and programs that have resulted in thousands of new participants, and millions of dollars in sponsorship in our thirty years of experience. Contact us to talk about your needs, and how we can help.
Athlete Communications
If you are beginning your career in endurance sports, or you’ve established yourself you have a full time job as an athlete. If you’re lucky you have a great agent working to secure and communicate with your sponsors, the media, and event producers. Without a great agent, no matter how successful you are racing you’re working two full time jobs. There is an old zen proverb that goes; “Person who chases two rabbits catches none.” If you’re tired of chasing two rabbits, contact us to talk about how we can help.
Sponsorship Services
For three decades we’ve been creating endurance sports sponsorship opportunities and servicing sponsors on and off site. No matter what corner of the endurance sports world you occupy getting sponsors is critical, keeping them is requires service and constant communication. As you can see from our testimonials we have been creating, and servicing uniquely creative sponsorships in endurance sports since our inception. If you need help with sponsorship, or your sponsorship programs are not meeting your objectives, contact us to talk about how we can help.

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